Wyzetrax is the latest incarnation of Wyze's digital music download portal, previously known as Wyzestore.

When Wyzestore first launched in the early 2000s it was selling physical products, Vinyl, CDs and merchandise. Around the mid 2000s, as the market became undeniably more digital, Wyzestore began to sell music in the MP3 format alongside the physical items. The last version of Wyzestore, which was taken offline in early 2017, was exclusively digital and had an extensive catalogue of MP3 music on offer, but bandwidth and the current store technology at the time meant that it was not able to provide WAV files. This has all changed with Wyzetrax and now both 320k MP3 and 16 bit uncompressed WAV files are available for purchase, you simply select the format you want in your cart before you checkout.

Much of our catalogue has been remastered with love for 2020, especially the older releases from the 90s.

Some older releases are no longer available due to expired licences but feel free to get in touch if there is something missing that you think we may have forgotten to add. It's a very large catalogue and we are slowly making our way through it uploading releases on an almost daily basis.

On this site you will mainly find content from labels that are subsidiaries of Wyze, these include but are not limited to :

It also features various other labels, single releases and one off exclusives as well as Sample Libraries and Production Tools.

We really hope you enjoy using the new site, and of course the music on offer. We would also love to hear your feedback or maybe even suggestions on how we could improve things.