Is purchasing items from Wyzetrax secure?

Yes! Every communication you make with Wyzetrax via your browser, including all cookies, is carried out over a secure encrypted connection.
As all payments are handled by PayPal we neither have access to or store your credit / debit card information at any time.

Is purchasing items from Wyzetrax legal?

Absolutely! The company that owns this Website, Wyze Productions, holds the exclusive rights to most of the catalogue offered for sale here. In some cases content may not be owned by Wyze but Wyze has been granted the permission to distribute it on this website. If you have any questions about any item that appears for sale on this website please get in touch via the Customer Support page (found in your user menu) .

What formats are the files that you sell?

All music files are available in either the highest quality 320k (cbr) MP3 or uncompressed 16bit WAV formats. You can select which format you wish to purchase in your cart before you checkout. You can mix and match MP3 with WAV files, each item in your cart will have the dropdown format option. All Sample Libraries are delivered in compressed zip archives that contain either 16 or 24bit WAV files and may also include other formats such as sampler patches (EXS24, Kontakt etc), MIDI files, REX2 files, Apple Loops etc.

I'm looking for a track that isn't here, can you add it?

Possibly. We have a large back catalogue of which we are bringing online on an almost daily basis. We may not have got around to adding the track you are looking for yet or the track maybe out of it's terms of Licence, meaning that we can no longer distribute it. Drop us a line via the Customer Support page and you'll get an answer!

I'm having problems using the site, is it broken?

This website does not offer support for older web browsers. Please try again using a recent version of a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Safari, Edge etc). If you continue to have problems after doing so please get in touch via the Customer Support page selecting "Bug report / Improvement suggestions" from the subject dropdown options.

I don't have a PayPal account, can I still purchase items from you?

Yes! You don't need a PayPal account to use PayPal's payment portal. After you click "Checkout" and are taken to PayPal just click the "Pay by Debit or Credit Card" button located underneath the Log In module.

Why is a WAV file more expensive than an MP3?

This is due to a couple of factors. One being that WAV files are of much higher quality than MP3 and the other is due to the increased cost of hosting and delivering WAV files.

I bought the MP3 but I want to upgrade it to the WAV version. Is this possible?

Not at the moment but we will be introducing this feature in the future.

I am ordering from outside the EU - will VAT be deducted from my order?

No. We don't charge VAT.

I am ordering from a company inside the EU - can you deduct VAT from my order?

No. We don't charge VAT.

My download link has expired, can I get a new one?

Downloads are only available for a limited amount of time after purchase, usually 5 days, but this is subject to change so please check the Downloads section for the exact time limit. If you missed the time limit or have maybe erased or lost the files that you downloaded you can request that they are reactivated. To do this locate the item(s) that you wish to reactivate in your Order History (found in your user menu). Make a note of the Order Number number that the items appear in and then visit the Customer Support page. From the subject dropdown select the "Issue with an existing order" option. This will display a new dropdown menu where you should select the matching Order Number that you made a note of previously. Add a short message explaining why you need your downloads reactivated and we'll email you when they are available (usually within 24hrs).

I purchased an item a while ago that is no longer available, can I download it again?

Very unlikely. Occasionally we will offer items for a limited period of time after which they will be removed, possibly never to be offered for sale again. Alternatively we may choose to stop selling a particular item for any reason at any time. Either way, if it's no longer being offered for sale on the website it's unlikely that we will be able to reactivate a download link for it. You can always ask us via the Customer Support page though.

I have a problem with a file I have downloaded. What do I do?

Firstly, please visit your Downloads section and try to download it again if it's still available. If this is not possible or this doesn't rectify the problem please get in touch with us using the Customer Support page selecting "Issue with a purchased item" from the dropdown subject options.

Now I've downloaded something I've decided that I don't like it. Can I get a refund?

No. All sales are final. We can only refund you if the file is damaged or faulty. Please ensure that you carefully listen to the preview clips of each item, and read the content description in the case of Sample Libraries / Production Tools, before you decide to purchase anything.

If you update a file with a newer version will I have to purchase it again?

No. If at any point we replace a file with a newer / enhanced version you will automatically receive an email notifying you that the new version is available in your Downloads completely free of charge.

How do I update my email address or other settings?

In the user menu click on Account Settings.